The Home Energy Labeling Information eXchange, or HELIX, is a multi-state project that aims to automate the transfer of home energy data to Multiple Listing Services (MLS) across the Northeast region. HELIX will make home energy information accessible to local MLSs and other market interests (e.g., assessors, appraisers, energy efficiency programs and service providers, lenders, and energy code officials), ultimately making the energy efficiency of homes visible and better understood at the time-of-sale or rental. While HELIX focuses on the Northeast region, it aims to provide a replicable, open-source model that can be used throughout the country. The project will include training delivered to real estate professionals as well as continuous engagement with stakeholders in the real estate market to ensure a useful and effective product. The project will culminate in 2018 with full implementation of the HELIX database across the seven-state region. For more information on HELIX, click here.

Green Building Registry

Earth Advantage developed the Green Building Registry, a software as a service system, that aggregates green building data and makes it available through a public search website and an automatic programming interface (API) to which listing services can directly connect. The system went live in late 2017 for the Portland Home Energy Score program where in addition to auto-populating the state‚Äôs largest MLS it is also transforming Home Energy Score data into a Portland-branded, 2-page, label format that provides local energy prices, carbon information, and actionable linkage to contractors, financing products, and incentives. In 2018 the Green Building Registry deployed in Missouri where it will import and store both Home Energy Score and HERS data and generate a harmonized report that aligns with EMPRESS recommendations. The Green Building Registry API will be made available to the MLS systems in those states. For more information on the Green Building Registry, click here.